Inversiones Terepaima EIRL

Drywall made with tender loving care.


Drywall System

Excellent finishes, quick build-time, earthquake resistant.


For homes and small businesses, outdoors, facades.


Electricity and data networks for homes and businesses.


melamine and PVC shelving for stores.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Installation of bathroom appliances and kitchens.


Melamine and drywall combination closets with sliding melamine doors.


Beauty in the finishes

The most modern finishes are possible with drywall. Ceilings, shelves and walls.


Thermal and acoustic insulation

Keep your drywall rooms cooler in summer and cosy in the winter and with much less noise.


Earthquake resistant

Because of its light weight and construction characteristics, drywall is more resistant to earthquakes.

It is time to start that remodeling you have thought about.

  • Expand your home with new and better spaces for your loved ones with additional bedrooms, laundryroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc
  • Take advantage of that rooftop terrace to build new living quaters for your family or to let.
  • Live more comfortably and with the  freedom and beauty of drywall.
  • Increase your property value.

We cater to the local expat community with the courteous diligent service we are all acustumed to. Some of our workers are actual expats whom strive to deliver quality in the manner we are all familiar with. Our services go from making those shelves you need at the store, to building that drywall and melamine kitchen or bathroom that would remind you of home, to building an extra room or an entire home. We can also do the electrical network, data network, plumbing and even paint it for you.  

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We build intelligently

All of our work team has taken face-to-face clases and have earned diplomas from different well-known businessses in the field. It is very important to us to offer you the best of our knowledge and experience.

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Speak in English with Marcos Sanchez and ask for a quote. Marcos will pay you a visit and give you an estimate.

Lima, Perú